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SociometryPro is a computer program that provides quick calculation of sociometry research data and getting the correct results.

If you need create a powerful and effective group of professionals for providing a project using the J. L. Moreno's (the USA) sociometry method then SociometryPro software can help you significantly. For making such a group with SociometryPro you should go through next steps:

  • Define sociometry question (criterion) asked to each member of the group (for example, "Who is the best for you to work together in the same team?")
  • Provide the procedure of choices in the group when each group members answers the criterion defined
  • Input the choices data into SociometryPro software
  • Evaluate the results of sociometry procedure using SociometryPro's data views: charts with indexes, graphs, targets and reports
  • Make a conclusion about the group status and design the methods targeted to increase the group characteristics (here you should use all your knowledge and experience in sociometry area)
  • Undertake the designed actions directed to develop the group (training the members, group reformation, etc.)
  • Repeat sociometry testing from start step and repeat the evaluation of the team status

The computer program SociometryPro can be very much useful for psychologists, sociologists, project and human resources managers, teachers and different consultants. If you need frequently apply sociometry research then SociometryPro can significantly increase the effectiveness of your work because it helps to get reliable data at the shortest time.

As well, SociometryPro can be applied in the sociology. The program can significantly economize your time if you need to provide sociological research often.

SociometryPro is a software program that is designed for specialists working with groups of people to measure their interpersonal relations. It can be helpful for project managers, team leaders and others who needs to build the effective teams for processing successful projects. Common end users of SociometryPro are psychologists, human resources managers, training managers, teachers, and so on.

SociometryPro is based on the famous approach of J.L.Moreno (the USA). Sociometry can help if you need to make a powerful team which is able to perform almost any tasks. You can manage the integrity of a team when using sociometry approach as a method to evaluate the team status. Using sociometry, you can define the correct methods for overcoming the difficult situations which can exist in the team.

General purpose of SociometryPro is helping in:

  • Detecting an internal team structure and dynamics of changing the internal relations
  • Building powerful teams to perform any complex projects
  • Optimizing the project management and increasing its efficiency
  • Optimizing the social and psychological climate in a team
  • Discovering the changes in internal team relations when conditions are changed (for example, new employees are engaged, the other ones are discharged, the salary values are changed, etc.)

The final result of SociometryPro usage can be:

  • Saving the time because of the automation of calculating the sociometry research results
  • Saving the money in result of saving the time
  • Visualizing the sociometry data in graphic views (tables of choices, indexes, graphs, targets)
  • Generating the suitable reports

But don't forget that SociometryPro is powerful tool in hands of a good specialist only. The program calculates the necessary results and automates the laborious and repeating calculations. But it never will be able to replace you as a specialist and never define how you are to behave for improving a team status. Eventually, your knowledge and skills only will help you to reach the successful result. And we hope that SociometryPro helps you significantly to do that.

Current version 3.1.1

Release from December 19, 2015. File size - 1.0 Mb.

Download demo program (demo period - 30 days):

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Please, take a look to the changes history for SociometryPro where you can get information about the most of changes version by version.


English, version 2.3

Getting started, HTML
Getting started, PDF (558 Kb)

English, version 2.2

User Guide, PDF (520 Кб)

Russian, version 2.3

Getting started, HTML
Getting started, PDF (558 Kb)

User Guide, PDF (751 Kb)

French, version 2.1

User Guide, PDF (1.18 Mb)

SociometryPro's technical features

Type: Windows-application.

Hardware requirements: PC-compatible computer, at least, 4 Mb RAM, 2 Mb HDD, keyboard, mouse, monitor.

Software requirements: OS Windows 32-bit or 64-bit with support of 32-bit emulation (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8). Preferably installed Microsoft Internet Explorer (from version 6.0 and above).

Main window:

Main window of SociometryPro Enlarge

Arranged sociometry objects are displayed in the left frame. Diverse testing (investigation) views can be opened in the right part of the main window.

To build an investigation, please, create a client group and a criterion in a criterion group first.

Choices window:

Choices window of SociometryPro Enlarge

When an investigation is created, please, open its choices window and input the choices. Simple mouse clicks allow to input choices.

Indexes window:

Indexes window of SociometryPro Enlarge

Here, the window shows all group and individual indexes of an investigation as charts.

Graph window:

Graph window of SociometryPro Enlarge

This window shows all choices made by clients as a graph. You can changes the figure types on your own and place the figures as you need.

Target window:

Target window of SociometryPro Enlarge

When you move mouse cursor over a ring, then SociometryPro displays a list of clients with the same number of input choices as the number in the ring. Another word, this list contains client names which were chosen N times, where N - the value in the selected ring.

This page displays info about main changes in SociometryPro version by version.

Version 3.1.x:

  • 2287    (Defect) Failed create a sociomatrix report
  • 2286    (Defect) Failed create a sociocard report
  • 2283    (Defect) Program displays report as text only with wrong symbols instead of HTML format
  • 2155    (Defect) Not correct translation of some string resources in Russian locale
  • 2144    (Enhancement) Add support of installation in Windows 7,8
  • 2141    (Enhancement) Add parameter which can enable or disable notification when closing SociometryPro
  • 2140    (Defect) Can not build HTML reports
  • 2139    (Enhancement) Building reports in Word format
  • 2136    (Defect) If we have large table of choices then any click for making a choice will scroll the table to left top
  • 2135    (Enhancement) Increase the size of About window
  • 2134    (Enhancement) Add support of additional languages for SociometryPro
  • 2132    (Defect) Error "Data file is damaged" in some computers

Version 2.x:

  • Anymore, you don't need to pre-install Microsoft Word to create reports. A report can be created in HTML-file and opened in an Internet browser.
  • User can define report's structure in "Parameters" window. A report consists of several elements, which can be displayed, hided and arranged in the necessary order.
  • Sociometric card's blank can be printed now. The blank can be used during sociometric testing, when the clients point the choices in the blank.
  • Sociomatrix can be printed now. A psychologist can fill out the blank by choices, which clients made, for initial analysis of sociometric testing results.
  • Images of choices tables, indexes charts, graphs and targets can be copied in Windows clipboard, if you need create an investigation's report manually.
  • Images of choices tables, indexes charts, graphs and targets can be saved in graphic files (BMP or JPG), if you need publish them in Internet.
  • Program projects management was added. A project can be saved in data file with the extension "soi" and moved to another computer.
  • Starting window for choosing of start action was added (open last project, create new or open an existing one).
  • The history of last opened projects is implemented. The number of references to last opened projects can be set 0-10 by user.
  • Double mouse clicking over a file with extension "soi" results in running of SociometryPro and opening the project from the clicked project file.
  • Authorization can be set for a project if you don't want somebody could get your sociometric data.
  • Animation at the start and exit of SociometryPro was added. It displays which part of sociometric data in percents was loaded or unloaded at the moment.
  • Printing of choices, indexes, graphs and targets window is available.
  • Authorization at the start of the program can be set on or off by user.

Version 1.x:

  • Interface of SociometryPro was significantly improved. The child window "Objects tree" is transformed into constantly opened frame aligned to left border of the main window. Additional controls were moved from child windows (choices, indexes, graphs, targets) to main menu. Main menu and toolbar were changed as well. The buttons group of the toolbar can be moved and hide by user.
  • Interface of an indexes window was improved. Now instead of indexes text values the indexes window displays indexes charts.
  • Import and export of clients groups into text files is available.
  • Search of a necessary object in the objects tree is available.
  • Interface of the window "Parameters" was significantly improved. A lot of controls was removed but the number of available tunings of SociometryPro interface was increased. As well executing of the tutorial at the start of the program can be set or unset.